From Athens: Once you arrive at  Athens airport just outside the Terminal on the right you can purchase bus tickets from the white ticket office. The bus number to Pireaus (the port of Athens) is X96.
Don´t forget to validate the ticket on the bus. The travel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
A ship travel with the fast ferry takes 1 hour to Poros.
A ship travel with regular ferry takes 2,5 hours.
You should buy your return tickets as soon as you arrive on Poros.
When you return to Pireaus on your way home you look for bus X96 to the airport.

A good option if you arrive late to Athens and do not have time for the last boat is to rent a car and drive to Poros via Corinth.
Option two is to stay one night in Pireaus and continue to Poros on the second day.

An alternative to bus and boat is to rent a car one way to Poros (rent here leave there). If you are four people who pay full price for the ferry, then it is no more expensive to rent a car. The journey by car takes a maximum of 3 hours.
Pop's car are the only ones who rent out a car one way to Poros
Do you plan to rent a car the entire period, we recommend that you check with more car rental companies for the best price. Search by www.rentalcars.com for the best price.

From the airport you drive highway E94 (E8) to Corinth. There are 3 toll stations on the road to Corinth. At Corinth, drive to the right immediately after passing over the Corinth Canal. Right after the exit, drive to the left towards Poros and follow the signs. Just 52 km from Corinth (where you turned off the highway), take right towards Galata and then immediately left towards Poros. Total travel time by car from the airport to Poros without interruption is 2.5 to 3 hours.

When you arrive at Galata (a thoroughfare), turn left immediately after the petrol station on your right. Run down to the water and turn right. It is from that direction any car line is, on the left side of the road. You buy the ticket in a white kiosk at the pier before driving on. One ticket for the car with the driver and one for each passenger. Sometimes you have to back the car up on the ferry. Always follow what the ferry men say. Leave the ticket when you drive on the ferry.

When you drive off the ferry on Poros, turn left and drive past military facility with sports ground to the right, cross the small bridge and further ahead. Follow the road straight ahead and keep right. The road turns to the right and continue uphill. After a long left turn, the road goes downhill again. At the hotel Golden View on the right side, the road bends 90 degrees to the right. In the middle of the right turn you take to the left. Continue up the steep hill that ends with a 90 degree left turn. Keep left and continue straight ahead past a left and a right turn and then you have the hotel on your right side.

If you arrive very late to Galata, it is not certain that the car ferry goes to Poros. In that case, park your car in Galata and take the water taxi over to Poros and then take a taxi to the hotel.
If you are going to drive back to the airport, you should drive against Corinth and then follow highway E94 to the airport, Marco Polo. Do never turn off towards Athens / Pireaus because then you will end up in the middle of the mess in Athens.


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