Hydra consists of the islands Hydra, Dokos and some uninhabited islands.
The county seat is "Hydra port". It consists of a crescent-shaped harbor, around which there is a string of restaurants and shops for tourists and locals (Hydrioter). Steep stone streets lead up and outwards from the port area. Most of the local residences and hotels on the island is located on these streets. Other small villages on the island is Mandraki, Kamini, Vlychos, Palamidas, Episkopi and Molo.
There are no real roads on the island and motor vehicles are prohibited. Only two vehicles are allowed on the island, two garbage trucks. Hydra is a paradise for those seeking silence.

A tour with boat from Poros to Hydra takes about 30 minutes.

Leonard Cohen lived on Hydra in the early 60's when there was no electricity or telephone. He wrote some of his best songs here. Eg the famous Bird on a wire.


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