To the left after the bridge towards Neorion comes in turn:
Micro Neorion consists of stone and sand. Serving during high season.
Calypso beach is a small beach with sand and stones and a small bar in high season ..
Anasa beach is child-friendly with fine sand and relatively shallow. Serving during high season.
Neorion beach is a fine sandy beach with a good bottom. Restaurants along the way.
Love beach has a nice sandy beach but a rocky bottom. Serving during high season.
Russian bay has a long bridge. Rocky on the beach and bottom. Serving during high season.

Straight ahead and to the right after the bridge comes in turn:
Canali beach
is located closest to Poros town on the right in the strait between the big and small island. Child-friendly and shallow. It consists of sand and pebbles. Serving during high season.
Askeli beach is the longest beach on the island. Child-friendly but not shallow. Beach and bottom consist of sand and stone. Serving during high season.
Monastery beach is located to the east. Rock and sand on the beach and in the water.

At the back of the island:
Vajonia beach consists of sand and rock on land and very rocky in the water. Perfect for snorkeling. You get here by moped / motorcycle or tax


Poros Greece