• About Poros

    Poros consists of two islands, the small volcanic islet of Sfairia over which Poros town houses cluster on its hillside and the pine-swathed Kalavria.
    Poros lies 31 n. miles from the port of Pireaus and is one of the most popular islands for sailing and yachting. Poros bay will offer you many small and quiet spots for relaxing.
    Poros takes its name from the sea passage that separates the island from the Peloponnesian mainland.
    The first houses were built in 1463 at the top of the hill.
    Poros town, Askeli and Neorion are the most popular places for accommodation and entertainment. Whatever is your choice, the short distance within Poros island will give you the chance to meet the unique charm of every place on the island.
    Askeli and Neorion are located on the pine-swathed casts of the island providing modern tourism facilities with hotels, restaurants, bars and organized beaches with water sports.
    Neorion is on the west side and Askeli is on the east side of the island.

    Walk along the narrow streets of poros town with the white houses, look at the sunset from Poros clock tower and watch the narrow sea passage with the small boats coming back from the Peloponnesian coast all day long.
    The natural beauty of the island, that local people have so carefully preserved and exploited, prevails in all beaches in a creation of colours and harmony coexistence of sea, sand and pine trees.
    It offers the visitors not only a heaven for relaxation but a real chance to experience the authentic Greek island lifestyle the classical sites of Peloponnesus and Athens, both within easy reach.
    It consists of the tiny peninsular Sferia and the main part of the island, Kalavria.
     During the day, it is easy to relax among the numerous, friendly restaurants and bars and in the evenings you can enjoy the varied and colourful nightlife.
    Poros town, Askeli and Neorio will guide you to the island local and greek gastronomy. Ouzo with meze, local dishes or mediterranean cuisine either in greek tavernas or restaurants.

  • History

    Archaeological bargains have shown that the island Kalavria has been inhabited in periods since the 1200 BC. The people here seems to have lived quite and peaceful lives in the shadow of the antique Troezen on the mainland. Troezen had at this time a lot of important position in the society. A marine, religious and political federation, called Amphictony, was established here in 600 BC. The first 7 members were Athens, Egina, Epidaurus, Hermione, Napflion and Orchomenus. The mission of each one of them was to defend the members' independence against the accelerated progress of Argolid on Peloponnesos.
    The federation had its registered office in the holy area on Kalavria where the temple of Poseidon was built. Poseidon was the god of the sea and protector of the islan.
    Antique Kalavria town was built on the mountain Prophet Elias's with perfect view over Vagionia bay. Kalavria had about 4000 inhabitants and supplied itself on fisheries and trade.
    Around 273 BC the volcano of Methana had its last eruption that destroyed the whole town. The year 1460 the Ottomans invaded Peloponnesus obligating the population to escape out to the islands. Then the small island Sfairia, today’s Poros town got its first inhabitants.
    After 1540 the island got another wave of refugees that were mostly Arvanites, Orthodox Albanians. In beginning they built the houses up on the mountain as far from the coast as possible in order to protect themselves from pirates. The houses became more and more and over the time it formed Poros town. After 1821, once the Greek revolution was over they started building houses closer to the coast
    The obstruction business spread itself over the country and Kapodistrias started worrying about a civil war. He decided to get them before they do and therefore planned to block the port and to confiscate the boats with the Russian’s help.

    The plan leaked out and the habitants of Hydra under Admiral Miaoulis commandment pressed the Greek naval base on Poros and succeeded to confiscate most Greek boats.
    In 17 days, he held out against the Greek navy.After this tragic event Kapodistrias became so unpopular that he was finally murdered in Napflion 1833.
    The Greek navy had its base here and the personnel with families needed rooms. When you are walking after the coast you can see that the houses are big. The ones on the hill are indeed smaller and simpler.
    In March 25, 1821, the Greek revolution gave back to the Greeks their territories after 400 years of Ottoman occupation
    The biggest part of the revolution was financed by incredibly rich ship owners from Hydra and Spetses and it was their ships they used. They had also hoped to get help from the Russians but they got no help and the war continued to the end of 1827 after which the freedom became a fact. By this time the war leaders had become ruined.
    Their only fortune was broken ships but they had no funds to repair them. They started having great expectations from the government and wanted to take all initiatives after the war. Kapodistrias ignored all these requests and considered they didn’t have much to offer to the new State’s organization. This made them very unhappy since Greece owed them the Independence. Kapodistrias finally decides, after many meetings and arguments, to allocate them compensation. Unfortunately only one eighth of the total promised amount is given to them.
    The Aristocrats, especially the ones from Hydra, started felling betrayed and humiliated. They, therefore, developed an obstruction business against Kapodistrias and decided to hold independent traffic in 1829.

  • Beach

    To the left after the bridge leading to Neorion comes:
    Micro Neorion
    with stones on the beach and in the water.
    Calypso bay is a small beach with sand and stone and a small bar.
    Neorion is a nice beach with sand in the sea-bottom.
    Love bay has sand on the beach and stones in the water.
    Russian bay has a long pier. There is a bar with snacks during high season. There are stones on the beach and in the water.
    Forward and to the right of  the bridge, comes:
    Canali beach
    lies nearest Poros town right between the big and the small island. Suitable for children with long shallow. Sand and stone on the beach and in the water except a small belt of stones.
    Askeli is the widest beach on the island with sand and a few stone further down but it also has one of the island’s clearest waters.
    Monastery beach is located as long as you can drive to the east. Carm and peasefull.
    The bakside of the island:
    Vajonia bay
    has sand and stone on the beach and it’s very difficult to walk in the water

  • Map

    From Athens airport  you take bus X96 to Piraeus, Athens' port,  where you take the boat to Poros.
    Click on image to enlarge.

    Poros town is located on the small island. Most of the hotels and all beaches are located on the Big Island within walking distance of the town. Click on image to enlarge.

  • Good to now

    Important Phone Numbers:
    Area code to Poros:                    +30 22980
    Tourist Police:                                    22 256
    Harbour Office:                                  22 274
    Doctor:                                              22 600
    Taxi:                                                  23 003

    Further information:
    Dont drink the tap water on the island. Water that you are going to drink can you buy in the store.
    There are several ATM in the town.
    Visa and Mastercard are accepted on the island.>
    The power is 230 volts.
    There is several pharmacy in the town.

    Temperatur april - november

    March   April     May     June    July     Aug    Sept     Oct     Nov

     18         20        25        30       38       38        32       25       20

       8         12        16        18       25       25        20       16       10

     15         16        18        24       26       28        26       24       20

    Air day

    Air night


  • Panorama Apartments

    Panorama Apartments is located in the nicest area of Poros island, Askeli. It is amphitheatrically built in a very green area with panoramic view of the sea, consisting of 16 studios 14 two space studios. All of them is fully equipped, each with independent big balkony, private bathroom, kitchen, fridge, TV, aircondition, safe and hairdryer. 150 m to the beach and restaurants and 400m to the store.
    Access to free wireless Internet is available in all rooms. We speak english.




  • Travel information

    From Athens: Once you arrive at  Athens airport just outside the Terminal on the right you can purchase bus tickets from the white ticket office. The bus number to Pireaus (the port of Athens) is X96.
    Don´t forget to validate the ticket on the bus. The travel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
    A ship travel with Flying Dolphin or Flying Cat takes 1 hour to Poros.
    A ship travel with regular ferry takes 2,5 hours.
    You should buy your return tickets as soon as you arrive on Poros.
    When you return to Pireaus on your way home you look for bus X96 to the airport.

    A good option if you arrive late to Athens and do not have time for the last boat is to rent a car and drive to Poros via Corinth.
    It is possible to rent a car one way with POP's Car rental.
    Option two is to stay one night in Pireaus and continue to Poros on the second day.

  • Rent a car / Directions

    An alternative to bus and boat is to rent a car one way to Poros (rent here leave there). If you are four people who pay full price for the ferry, then it is no more expensive to rent a car. The journey by car takes a maximum of 3 hours.
    Pop's car are the only ones who rent out a car one way to Poros
    Do you plan to rent a car the entire period, we recommend that you check with more car rental companies for the best price.
    Search by www.rentalcars.com for the best price.
    There are cheaper altenativ but then the insurance protection can be worse.
    It can be very expensive if something happens.
    From the airport you drive highway E94 (E8) to Corinth. There are 3 toll stations on the road to Corinth. At Corinth, drive of the highway at the second exit. Right after the exit, drive to the left towards Poros and follow the signs. Just 52 km from Corinth (where you turned off the highway), take right towards Galata and then immediately left towards Poros. Total travel time by car from the airport to Poros without interruption is 2.5 to 3 hours.
    When you arrive at Galata (a thoroughfare), turn left immediately after the petrol station on your right. Run down to the water and turn right. It is from that direction any car line is, on the left side of the road. You buy the ticket in a white kiosk at the pier before driving on. One ticket for the car with the driver and one for each passenger. Sometimes you have to back the car up on the ferry. Always follow what the ferry men say. Leave the ticket when you drive on the ferry.
    When you drive off the ferry on Poros, turn left and drive past military facility with sports ground to the right, cross the small bridge and further ahead. Follow the road straight ahead and keep right. The road turns to the right and continue uphill. After a long left turn, the road goes downhill again. At the hotel Golden View on the right side, the road bends 90 degrees to the right. In the middle of the right turn you take to the left. Continue up the steep hill that ends with a 90 degree left turn. Keep left and continue straight ahead past a left and a right turn and then you have the hotel on your right side.

    If you arrive very late to Galata, it is not certain that the car ferry goes to Poros. In that case, park your car in Galata and take the water taxi over to Poros and then take a taxi to the hotel.
    If you are going to drive back to the airport, you should drive against Corinth and then follow highway E94 to the airport, Marco Polo. Do never turn off towards Athens / Pireaus because then you will end up in the middle of the mess in Athens.

  • Rent a bike

    Here you can rent scooters, quads and bikes.
    If you turn left at the kiosk and bus stop in Askeli bay and follow the road straight up
    and to the right you will find MOTO Stelios.
    MOTO Stelios rent scooters and bicycles of all types.
    MOTO-Stelios offers full service, friendly reception and low prices.
    At MOTO-Stelios you will find what you need to take you around the island.

        The rental price includes
        Unlimited mileage
        All taxes
        Full service on the island
        Phone: 0030 - 6944-637510 (English)

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